2 PA system Nexo 3x GEOS s1210 2

2 SUB Nexo CD18

2 Power amps Vortex 200V

1 Digital TD Controller NXAMP4x1 1

1 Digital TD Controller NX242 Nexo

Space With 80dblimit allowed. No DB limiter compressor instaled


4 Meyer Sound UPM 1P Active

4 D&B MAX 12 Passives


1 DigiCo s21


1 Pioneer CDJ

1 Pioneer DJ mixer

2 RCA to stereo quarter inch cables (or equivalent) for sampler unit

2 stereo quarter inch cables for 2 synthesizer/keyboard outputs

2 cables for outputs on CDJ units & mixer (RCA or RCA to quarter inch/xlr, etc.)

1 stand or small table for sampler

1 2-tier keyboard stand (for 2 keyboards)

1 stand or small table for CDJ units & mixer

12 AA batteries to power synthesizer (min. 6 for rehearsal, 6 for event)

2 monitors on stage


Electrónica en Abril 2024

Pass: EEA#20years